Don't let ANYONE tell you how your postpartum body should look.
Not even YOURSELF.

There is no reason you should settle for a body you don't feel comfortable in.

You deserve to feel confident and totally in love with your mom bod.

YES. You can be stronger, look and feel better than before pregnancy.

I have created this 14-days plan to help you slowly get into the habits that will transform your body (and mindset).

Imagine this...

  • you no longer want to hide your mom body in baggy clothes and are actually excited to wear something else than leggings

  • you feel body confident and totally in love with your mom body

  • you no longer feel like a failure for not snapping back after pregnancy

  • you feel fit and strong and capable of doing whatever motherhood brings your way

Tired of still looking pregnant? Or maybe you think sneeze-pee and back pain are "badges of honor"?

  • Due to hormonal imbalances, fat loss the first year postpartum can be incredibly hard
  • Your body WILL be different and there are certain things that are out of your control. Like stretch marks, loose skin, or hips that “spread”
  • Despite all this, you can be stronger, healthier, and more confident than ever before. Yes, even better than before you´ve had babies!
  • You need to exercise differently after having a baby. Pelvic floor issues and diastasis need to be taken care of first and foremost

It´s just that no one ever told you how to treat your body and what to expect postpartum

This book is for any mother, new mom or a few years postpartum, looking for a practical fitness and wellness guide that delivers real results. No fluff, no nonsense, just detailed, step-by-step guide to help you create healthy habits that transform your post-baby body and get you the confidence you crave for and deserve.

This book helps you understand how your postpartum body works and gives you an action plan to heal, get stronger, and thrive both physically and mentally after having a baby… Are You Ready?

And just so you know...I have been there, too!

  • My belly was doming and I knew sneeze-pee too well. I didn't really pay much attention to these issues - I thought those are just “mom badges'' that will somehow disappear. Or, I might just settle for it.
  • I exercised but wasn't sure if I'm doing it correctly and often felt pain in my back and lower belly. And, again, I wasn't seeing any results
  • Because I was breastfeeding, I had constant sugar cravings and although I tried to cut out on food, I didn't really notice any changes.
  • I felt so frustrated because I didn't see what I wanted to see. My old body. The body I had before getting pregnant.

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