3 Best At-Home Workouts For Women With No Equipment (plus affordable workout clothing tips)

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In this post, I want to share my 3 favorite at-home workouts for women that I personally do a few times a week.

Due to the global pandemic, many gyms and fitness studios have closed down. If you are like me, you most probably miss going to the gym.

It was my favorite get-away. A place to clear my head. A place without kids. An hour without anybody asking me anything or touching me. In fact, the gym was one of a few places for me to get socialized with adults.

But since you´ve come a long way in your fitness journey and are not willing to pause your active lifestyle just because the gyms are closed, at-home workouts are going to work for you just as good (or maybe even better).

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at home workouts for women

Besides, you don’t necessarily require much of equipment—if any. All you need to exercise nearly every muscle in your body is your own bodyweight.

So find yourself a suitable spot in your house or in the backyard, grab a yoga mat, put some comfy workout gear on and pick one of these at-home workouts for women!

Is it effective to workout at home?

In short: Yes, absolutely. You don’t need the whole rack of equipment to complete a killer workout.

Here is a handy weekly workout log that will help you to keep track of your home fitness progress. And it’s FREE so go check it out!


You can create a perfectly good fitness routine in the comfort of your home by combining some basic moves with the addition of some fat-burning cardio.

Because you won’t be using weights, to progress in your training, you will need to do the following:

  • increase the reps of each exercise
  • raise the number of sets
  • reduce the rest time between sets
hanna sports bra

The only 5 moves for a kickass at-home workout for women

An effective at-home workout for women doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, there are only 5 basic moves that you should incorporate into it for a exercising the whole body. According to GQ.com, these are:

  1. push (pressing away from you)
  2. pull (tugging toward you)
  3. hip-hinge (bending from the middle)
  4. squat (flexing at the knee)
  5. plank (stabilizing your core)

“Your brain doesn’t think in single ‘muscles,’ it thinks in terms of movement patterns. Human evolution led to five basic movements, which encompass nearly all of our everyday motions.”

Pat Davidson, Ph.D., Peak Performance

Get your moves right

To create a perfect at-home workout for women, incoroprate each of the above listed five basic moves into your routine. You can choose from bodyweight exercises that work the whole body effectively without any additional equipment.

And, before you start, check out how to do them correctly to prevent any injuries.


Plank is great for retraining the weakened core. To perform a plank, lie down on your tummy with elbows under your shoulders. Then push up onto your forearms and toes engaging your abs. Your body has to be in a parallel position with the ground and your back is flat.

For the start, try to stay in this position 20-30 seconds, then release.

best at home workouts for women
Alternate regular plank with side planks to exercise all core muscle groups

Glute Bridge or Pelvic Thrusts

Apart from gluteal activation, this exercise has the ability to assist in correct posture and strengthening the pelvic floor. Lie flat on your back with your knees bent about 90 degrees, feet firmly on the floor hip-width apart. Lift the pelvis up, squeezing the glutes.

Hold for one count, then slowly release down to the floor.

Walking lunges

Walking lunges provide greater benefits to your body compared to stationary lunges. I perform them while taking walk outside as finding suitable space in our rather small apartment is kind of difficult.

at-home workouts for women

To perform walking lunges, take a long step forward, bending your legs so both knees are 90 degrees. Your rear knee should be almost touching the ground. Then lift through the heel of the front foot and extend both knees to raise yourself back up. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Triceps Dips

This exercise works perfectly to tone and shape up those flabby arms we all hate.

Stand in front of a chair or sofa and place your hands shoulder-width apart on the seat behind you. Extend your legs out in front of you. Dip your body bending your arms in elbows at about a 90-degree angle and come back up.


Squats strengthen your glutes and legs and improve your lower body mobility.

To perform squat, stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and tense your abs. Squat down by pushing your knees to the side while moving hips back.  Don’t let your knees go inward. Return to the starting position slowly.

You can hold your baby while squatting for a weighted squat.


Push-ups are an amazing total-body exercise that works multiple muscles but you have to be very careful to do them in the correct way.

To perform a push-up, take up a face-down kneeling position on the floor and put your palms down on the floor in shoulder-width apart. With your arms straight and abs tensed, steadily lower yourself until your elbows are at a 90-degree angle or smaller. Keep your head facing forward.

A proper full push-up takes a lot of practice and strength. It is perfectly fine if you can’t do a full push-up right from the beginning.

A lot of women opt for a “girl push-up” as an easier option. The truth is that a kneeling push-up does not mirror the full push-up movement. It doesn’t work the core muscles the same way as a full push-up does and it can also put a strain on your lower back.

Also, it does not teach you how to utilize the tension in your body.

It is always better to work your way to a full push up by leveling your upper body, instead of doing “girl push-ups”.

I will show you a way to safely and gradually build your strength to be able to perform a full push-up like a boss 🙂

Check my video tutorial here:

TIP: If you are breastfeeding, you could definitely benefit from a stylish workout bra carefully designed especially for nursing mommas. Definitely check out this fabulous looking and affordable mom workout gear at Love&Fit.

Bird dogs

Bird dogs are a perfect core exercise, especially if you are diagnosed with diastasis after pregnancy.

Get on your hands and knees with your wrists positioned underneath your shoulders. Draw your belly button into your spine, and make sure your back is straight. Then raise and extend one arm and the opposite leg to shoulder height, no higher. Hold for a moment, and make sure your body stays aligned. Then, bring your elbow to your knee. That counts as one rep.

at-home workout for women

Pull-ups or Chin-ups

This is not exactly a no-equipment exercise because you will need something to hang from, so this is where you need to get a bit creative. For example, you can find plenty of alternatives outdoors. For pulling yourself up, you could use a sturdy tree branch, monkey bars at the playground, or a fence in your backyard.

how to do pull up best home workout routines

Or, for an indoor alternative, you can grip the edge of a table from underneath to do inverted rows.

To do a pull-up, hang from a bar – or any suitable alternative – with palms facing away from you, arms straight, knees bent so feet don’t touch the floor. Bend elbows and pull your chest toward the bar.

No-equipment at-home workouts for women (you can even do with a baby in a stroller)

Now, let´s get to work!

These are my top 3 bodyweight workouts that you can alternate in between during the week. Easy to understand, no-equipment moves you can do in the comfort of your living room or during a stroller walk.

  1. Indoor (during nap-time)
  • 4×12 squats
  • 4×12 glute bridges
  • 4×10 triceps dips
  • 4×10 table pull-ups
  • 4x30s plank
  • add 30 seconds jumping jacks at the very beginning and after every set (5x all together)

2. Indoor (using your baby as extra weight)

  • 4×12 squats holding the baby
  • 4×12 glute bridges with the baby on top of you
  • 4×10 push-ups with the baby beneath you
  • 4×10 table pull-ups
  • 3×12 bird dogs
  • add 30 seconds of squat jumps at the very beginning and after every set (5x all together)

3. Outdoor (walk time with stroller/kids)

  • 4×20 walking lunges
  • 4×12 squats
  • 4×10 push-ups on the bench
  • 4×10 pull-ups or rows (monkey bar or a tree branch)
  • 15 mins of a brisk walk or 10 mins of interval walking (alternate between 30sec walking at the highest pace and 1 min leisure walking for resting)

TIP: Make sure you wear a pair of extra comfy running shoes to keep your feet happy during the cardio session!

I’m loving my Adidas Edge Lux workout shoes! They are light as a feather and super breathable, possibly the best workout shoes I have ever had. Get them here.

at-home workout for women shoes

Fat-Burning Finishers

Cardio is a great addition to a bodyweight workout to speed up your metabolism. Add a five-minute burst to your your exercise routine for less fat and more definition.

This is what works for me:

  1. outdoor workout – 5-10 min of a jog or a brisk walk, or pushing the stroller up-hill
  2. indoor workout – adding 30-40 seconds of high knees, squat jumps, or jumping jacks after every set instead of pausing in between them

I try to squeeze in some cardio (usually walking) into every day. For me, walking has become an essential part of the day. Even now, when I don’t do stroller walks anymore, I try to do short walks with my boys as often as possible.

I wrote a whole article about losing baby weight by walking – and yes, it is totally possible! You can read about it here.

at-home workout for women

Gym problem solved

Bodyweight workouts are just so convenient and basically excuse proof! Why? You can do them at home, in your backyard or anywhere you like, without any equipment.

All you might need to supply is a little bit of motivation to get you started, and discipline to keep you going. Plus, with an added cardio burst to each circuit, you can be sure to increase the fat-burning potential of every workout session!

For instance, flattering and stylish workout gear could be a great motivation or a reward! Did you know that according to a survey, almost 70% of people claim that having nice workout clothing that they enjoy putting on helps push them to exercise?

TIP: Comfortable workout leggings with a high waist will fit perfectly even if you are only a few months postpartum and if you choose dark colors, you will instantly look slimmer!

I’m in love with these absolutely cute and stylish leggings from Adidas. High waisted pants were my top choice a few months postpartum. Get them here.

Whatever your workout goals are, the list above with these three best at-home workouts for women that require no gym equipment has you covered.

Or, if you´d rather have the whole wellness plan laid out for you that will give you EVERYTHING you need to gradually build your strength and healthy habits postpartum, make sure you check out my newest e-book here!

postpartum fitness routine plan

It’s a detailed, step-by-step plan that will help you create healthy habits that transform your post-baby body and get you the confidence you crave and deserve.

This book helps you to understand how your postpartum body works and gives you an action plan to heal, get stronger, and thrive both physically and mentally after having a baby.

So, are you ready?

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