5 Best Online Fitness Programs For Women (and Moms) To Try in 2019

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top fitness programs for women and moms
As a new mom, it can be hard to make it to the gym on top of your busy schedule. You are probably feeding around the clock and just a thought of leaving your newborn with a babysitter makes you cringe.

Fortunately, there are many amazing online fitness programs for women that include specially designed workouts for moms. Most of them can be done under 30 minutes to get some real results.

I personally believe that there’s more to fitness than just hours on a treadmill or lifting weights. These days an endless choices of free or paid mommy workout programs to choose from.

Listed below are my top 5 picks for women workout programs for every budget (with a lot of free resources, too!) to help you decide. All of them were created by moms for moms and are targeted for postpartum bodies.

online fitness workouts for women

1. Fit To Be Pregnant by Deanna Schober

Deanna is truly an inspiration for me as she makes the concept of living healthy while sustaining your regular family life seem absolutely doable.

She is a certified personal trainer and a nutrition coach, as well as a mom of four. Apart from fit pregnancy, she also focuses on new moms by helping them to maximize their health, fitness, nutrition, and body image, acting from a place of self-care. 

Her approach to nutrition is really fresh and I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like this anywhere else. Deanna makes you deal with binge eating and food obsession in a very simple way.

By teaching you to be in an abundance mindset around food. 

“When you have an abundance of something, mentally, you don’t obsess over it. You know you can have more whenever you want it. Once that intensity is alleviated, it’s easier to make decisions about food” Deanna says.

What that basically means is that you can have one oreo (instead of binging on the whole pack lol) and put the rest away for later because you know it is not going away. 

Deanna´s Online Fitness Programs for Women

For new mommas, she offers very unique coaching programs that are designed to help you to reach your goals. You can choose from:

New Mom Healthy Life 1-on-1 coaching – completely customized private coaching program helping you to deal with your post-baby challenges.

Strength in Mothers Mentorship – 6-month high-touch mentorship and community for moms designed to teach you how to think about your body, food, and exercise. Enrollment opens only twice a year so make sure you get on her waiting list to be notified once itôs open!

Fast Fit Moms – a monthly coaching club for busy moms who want to ditch the diet, feel FREE, have energy, and feel better but have very little time. The program consists of short, efficient workouts that can be done under 30 minutes, as well as food guidance and support from the whole mom club.

Apart from paid programs, Deanna offers a lot of valuable freebies. By subscribing to her (very inspirational, btw) e-mail list, you’ll get access to amazing free resources that will pump you up with motivation!

2. FitMum by Sharny&Julius

Sharny is an absolute sweetheart. A mom of 6(!) is living breathing proof that it is possible to get your body back after birth and her “no jargon” program is a simple, short, yet super-effective.

The program consists of 15-minute, no equipment workouts which can be done at home with kids around. Trainings are designed to fit every stage – from early postpartum workouts to moms with older kids.

What’s even better, you’ll get 5 family-friendly, real foods eating options that are easy to make with food you already have at home. There even is a special eating option dedicated to breastfeeding moms and I have to say, it is delicious. And simple – no fancy cooking!

Pelvic floor targeted program

If you’re looking to fix some of the most common postpartum problems like the weak pelvic floor or diastasis recti, Sharny’s got you covered!

She brings up a unique program that is based on her very own experience with pelvic floor issues. She basically uses what she learned from the physios, surgeons and other programs and adds her specialty into it.

You might be wondering: What’s that? It’s strength training. 

Not only will you focus on strengthening the pelvic muscles – you’ll be training the whole core. And stronger core means no more wetting yourself, less back pain, flatter tummy or lessened period pain.

Want to know the best part?

It will work wonders for your sex life, too 🙂 Curious? Check out Sharny’s SCPF program for yourself here!

Core Exercises Solutions by Dr. Sarah Duvall

Dr. Sarah Duvall is a physical therapist and a personal trainer. I personally think she has crafted one of the best online fitness programs for women out there, hands down. 

online fitness workouts for women

Her programs are easy to follow,  provide expert and accurate information so you perform the exercises the right way and won’t get hurt. There are a few fitness programs you can choose from depending on the postpartum problem you are trying to fix:

  • PERFECT PELVIC FLOOR – focuses on healing and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles to stop leaks, decrease prolapse and regain confidence in your pelvic floor
  • DIASTASIS FIX- a perfect program for moms looking to close an ab separation or regain muscle tone/tighten their belly after having a baby.
  • HAPPY HIPS – the program takes 12 weeks and you will learn why your hip flexors are always tight and a how to loosen them permanently so that you don’t need to do more stretching. It involves activation and corrective exercises as well as workout plan to strengthen glutes and abs.
  • POSTURE PERFECT – designed to loosen your chest, neck, and midback and improve your strength and posture.

Everything membership

You can purchase each of the above-listed programs separately, or, if you decide to take a leap because you feel like you want to have it all, Sarah offers ALL-ACCESS MEMBERSHIP that includes all the programs above and a few amazing bonuses that you hardly find elsewhere, such as:

  • Injury section that covers common problems like knee pain, neck pain or muscle strains
  • Physical Therapy Doctor on call
  • Tutorials on lifting kids without hurting your back

In addition, there is a bunch of super-helpful free resources (no excuses, right? 🙂 that Dr.Sarah created to help you get started. Her free guide will provide you with the best information on understanding how to heal your diastasis and pelvic floor through videos, articles, and self-assessments.

She also offers a FREE mini-course that takes you through an in-depth overview of how to get a fit and strong core, free of aches and pains. 

Make sure you check this out. Honestly, this is such a valuable resource and I can’t believe Sarah gives this away for free.

4. BeyondFit Mom by Kate Horney

Kate is a fitness professional and specializes in female fitness. She uses proven techniques to offer coaching services to women both online and locally.

Being a mom herself, she created BeyondFit to give us – moms everything we need to reach our fat-loss, health, energy, nutrition, and training goals.

Apart from monthly club membership, she offers targeted programs to tackle most common postpartum problems:

MOM TUMMY REHAB – a 12-week program designed for moms in any stage to get rid of their belly pooch and rebuild your abdominal muscles. Youll get tons of bonuses like workout printables, access to a private accountability group. 

You can start with free version Mom Tummy Rehab JumpStart that will help you to find out IF you have Diastasis Recti and WHAT you need to begin healing your ab separation.

POSTPARTUM FAT-LOSS SYSTEM –  this is a REAL program for REAL moms. No fad diets, no calorie counting. You will learn how to manage your hunger and burn fat by actually eating MORE. Sounds amazing, right? 

A 12-week program that will give results you can see and feel. Kate will show you that you CAN burn fat and get your body back –in less than 3 hours per week.

You’ll get 12 weekly fat-burning circuits, nutrition system specially designed for moms and very useful bonuses like “tips for eating on the go” or “sleep solutions”.

If you are not sure where to start, there are tons of free resources for you to try out. For instance, Kate offers a FitMom7-day JumpStart start plan to kickstart your new lifestyle habits that get you results!

best online programs for moms

5. 21 Day Postpartum Workout Plan by Jenna Dalton

Jenna is a certified postnatal fitness specialist and a mom. She created a unique home workout program that will help you to strengthen your core and the whole postpartum body the right way. 

In the program, she has incorporated some key strategies she learned and tried on her own body to recover well postpartum. With Jenna´s methods, you´ll heal your body from birth, get stronger and more flexible. What’s more, you’ll get a grasp of how to become conscious of your posture to eliminate all the back pain that is weighing on you right now.

The great thing about it? It is absolutely FREE!

You’ll get 3 20-minute workouts plus videos showing you how to do each exercise properly. As a bonus, Jenna also sends you an easy meal planning strategy to complement your workout efforts. Yay!

Definitely check it out, you have nothing to lose. You can only benefit from it, promise!

So, which of these programs caught your attention? I can’t wait to know, just drop me a comment below!

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  1. Hi Eva!
    My wife recently became a mother. She always complains about how she lost all her “gains” , but being a mother she rarely has time to workout. I’ll definitely show her your post as i feel it will really help her. All she now needs to do is invest into herself. I do thank you for this post though it was really informative!

  2. I love this article! I’m tempted to try some of these, especially the last one. I’d love to get rid of this back pain!

    1. Thank you, Silvia! I also had problems with lower back pain after my second birth. What really worked for me was strengthening my core – Dr. Sarah Duvall´s courses are just perfect for that!
      all my best,

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