5 Tips On How To Stay Motivated During Weight Loss Journey

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In this post, I´m going to tell you about my 5 tips on how to stay motivated during your weight loss journey.

Firstly, let me just say: I am no fitness freak.

I am just a regular mom who exercises. I´ve made it part of my daily routine, a habit.

I do it for me.

And even though I love how exercise makes me feel afterwards (because, endorphins), it sometimes takes a lot of self-motivation to get myself moving (because, deep inside, I’m still a lazy person, lol).

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So I totally understand how hard can be to gather the motivation to work out at all.

First of all, don’t do it for anybody else.

Do it for YOU.

Do it, because you deserve to feel and look good. Start out with baby steps and work your way towards bigger goals.

Focus on how you are feeling instead the body shape changes that take longer. If you are consistently exercising (at least 2-3 times a week) in approximately a month more or less you may be feeling more energized, less stressed, sleeping better, and building confidence in your training skills. These benefits can help you stay motivated to make it to the four to six month time frame where you should see more of the physical changes and health improvements you desired.

Susan Retzlaff, NASM Elite Trainer

If you need a little inspiration before you get your fitness on, check out these 5 tips to help you stay motivated on your fitness journey.

Trick your brain to stay on track

These tips helped me tremendously to stay motivated during my weight loss journey and even now they help me to stay on the track to achieve my fitness goals.

1. Take baby steps

Hitting the gym right away or hiring a fitness trainer can be for many of us a daunting task. How to change that?

Take baby steps! For starters, put on your workout clothes. If you prefer exercising in the morning, before the kids get up, try sleeping in your workout clothes so you can start straight out of the bed.

Give yourself micro-challenges based on what you feel comfortable with.

For instance, challenge yourself to do 100 situps until lunch. You don’t have to do them all at once. Then you can do 50 lunges while outside with the stroller or during a walk with kids. 

how to stay motivated during weight loss

Even if you are running on a crazy schedule,  there is always a way how to fit in some exercise in it. Try to sneak exercise into your daily mommy routine and make it a habit. And it’s easier than you think. Check out my tips for a busy mom workout routine – tested and approved by a working mom of two.

2. Check out old photos

The truth is the best motivation. Look at those old photos and be honest with yourself. Would you fit in those clothes today? How did you feel in your body back then? Do you ever wish you could turn back time to look like that again?

Be totally honest, answer those questions to yourself to see where are you standing and where do you want to go from there.

Take pictures of your body regularly to remind yourself how much progress you´ve made already.

3. Set goals and track your progress

Wear a fitness tracker and track your daily activity like steps or calories burned so far. You can even set personal goals or compete in challenges with your friends who also wear a fitness tracker! It is an amazing way to keep yourself accountable and stay motivated on your weight loss journey.

Another great device is a body composition scale, as apart from weight tracking, it records other important body composition measurements such as body mass index, body fat percentage, or muscle mass.

Tanita InnerScan Dual RD 953 review

As the total weight number isn’t the only value you should fix your eyes on, using a body composition monitor (I use TANITA) is a great way to stay motivated.

This smart device can detect even small changes inside your body over a relatively short period of time. It shows you if your workouts and a healthy diet are working even when it is too early to see the changes in the mirror.

how to keep yourself motivated weight loss

You can also use a good old journal to track your workouts and fitness progress. I’ve created this handy weekly workout log, especially for this purpose! And it is FREE so go check it out!


4. Listen to your favorite podcast or audiobook

Pushing yourself to go to the gym, go on a run, or exercise at home can be tough.  As a busy mom, chances are, you don’t have much time to read or study during the day.

Grab some headphones and put on your favorite audiobook while you’re walking. Captivating stories will make the time fly by as you go through your workout.

how to stay motivated during weight loss

Or take it as the opportunity to learn something new! I personally love listening to Spanish lessons or to podcasts about blogging and marketing.

5. Reward yourself

Plan something to look forward to. For example, have a reward planned for yourself at the end of each week. You will be surprised how easy it is to get excited about exercise this way.

For instance, if you are into massages, schedule one once a month or even more often, if you like. Relaxing massage is a great reward to finish up a week’s worth of workouts.

Alternatively, you can reward yourself by buying a new workout gear or a new audiobook.

how to stay motivated during weight loss

The bottom line

Let’s face it. We all know that when it comes to losing weight, regular exercise does its job perfectly. Combined with clean, healthy eating and calorie deficit, you can be sure to expect results in a few weeks.

Yeah, it sure works. BUT…

There is just this tiny problem. It is called Motivation.

You can easily find yourself demotivated when the results don’t come as soon as you expected. The lack of feedback can cause you to fall off the track.

Or, even if you see results, you are prone to slack on your routine because you get the feeling that you´ve achieved something and you deserve to ease back a little. Thats when you find yourself falling off the track and into your bad habits again.

weight loss journey motivation tips

Always remind yourself of how far you have come already and if you ever find it hard to fit that workout in, use my tips on how to stay motivated on your weight loss journey to keep you on the track.

You got this, mama!

What has helped you to stay motivated on your health and fitness journey? Would like to hear your tips!

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  1. Staying motivating to lose weight after pregnancy is definitely the toughest thing! Looking at old photos of myself in highschool & college definitely get me pumped to be that “MILF” one day! Hahah Great ideas!

  2. I do it for me. I love that first statement so much! It is what is driving me in this season- what are the things that I am doing for myself? They matter – just like taking care of those around us matter!!

  3. You shared some good tips here that will help people do the work they need to achieve all kinds of goals and not just weight loss!

  4. You really got me with “check out old photos.” I remember a few years ago when I was on a weight loss journey and saw an old pic of me that was GROSS. It motivated me to NEVER get that big again. Well, here I am. Again. I need this …

    1. Hey Nancy, thanks for your comment! Yes, you are right, it works the other way around as well. For me, my slim old photos were my motivation to start in the first place.

      take care,

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