All You Need To Know About Wearing a Postpartum Belly Wrap

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Whether you’ve had a natural birth or a C-section, wearing a postpartum belly wrap can speed up the recovery process. This gear is designed to help you to get back to your pre-pregnancy body by compressing the tummy area and supporting the lower back section.

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all you need to know about wearing a postpartum girdle

Sadly (although we all wish it would be so easy, right?), girdle won’t make you lose weight. It will, however, make you feel more confident as your body shape begins to get back into its previous state.

I remember when I put it on about 2 days postpartum and looked in the mirror. After those long months with an enormous belly, it felt SO good having a waist!

Of course, after taking it off, it all felt like jello again, but the “huge hug” feeling while wearing girdle was splendid!

Why every mom should wear a postpartum belly wrap

Wearing girdle helps your abdominal muscles to regain strength and return to its normal size faster. It provides a light compression that helps your uterus to shrink. Plus, if you’ve had a C-section, it can take the pressure off your incision. 

postpartum belly wrap all you need to know

Just make sure you get the all-clear from your doc before putting on a girdle as in some cases, it is not suitable to wear one.

A good girdle provides support to your back and abdomen while doing all the household tasks and hustling around with a baby. Most girdles are safe to wear all-day-long, but as soon as you feel discomfort, better take it off.

I started using a postpartum corset a few hours postpartum (after getting OK from my OB/GYN) and I honestly believe that every new mom would definitely benefit from wearing one.

As a matter of fact, there are so many good reasons why you should consider postpartum belly wrap right after giving birth:

  • Helps to compress the uterus to return to its original
  • Helps to decrease swelling and eliminate extra fluid retention
  • Provides belly support to weakened abs
  • Boosts your self-esteem by flattening your tummy & hips optically
  • Straightens your spine and provides support for your lower back
  • Helps to close Diastasis Recti (Ab Separation)

When to start wearing a postpartum belly wrap

Based on my own experience, I consider the stomach to be the toughest part of my body to return into pre-pregnancy shape. 

I mean, your uterus has stretched to about 500 times its pre-pregnancy size! It grew in weight too, from a few ounces to more than 2 pounds.

No wonder it’s so hard to get it back, right?

It takes some time and effort to fully recover from pregnancy, but you can speed up this process with a little help of useful gear. That’s where a postpartum girdle can help.

Although there are different opinions about when to start compressing your belly with a wrap or girdle, I suggest strapping it on as soon as you deliver. I started to wear my belly wrap just a few hours after I´ve delivered my baby and after a consultation with my doc.

I’ve tried multiple types of girdles out there but my favorite is the MotherTucker wrap by Belly Bandit. It offers double-layered compression and is made from lightweight and breathable materials, that make it comfortable to wear all day long.

As your OB/GYN is the one well aware of your health condition, you should always consult him/her before you start wearing any postpartum belt or girdle.

How long should you wear a postpartum girdle?

Most belly wrap manufacturers suggest wearing a girdle for around 10 to 12 hours each day, for up to 2 months postpartum, to get the full benefits.

This is because the hormone relaxin (responsible for relaxing and softening your ligaments in the pelvis) leaves your body somewhere between 2-3 months postpartum.

I wore my belly wrap around 2 months postpartum, then I switched to a waist trainer and shapewear like these Love&Fit ultra-high postpartum leggins. These have wonderful seamless high waist design that smooths, secures your postpartum belly and offers gentle mid-section compression.

Girdle vs. waist trainer. What is the difference?

all you need to know about wearing a postpartum girdle

The idea behind both is probably the same. But other than that, these are completely different.

The postpartum girdle shrinks with you as you apply it upon delivery. It provides gentle pressure and compression to your abdomen helps to shrink your uterus back. It also provides amazing support to your lower back while you carrying/lifting your baby. Most girdles are safe to wear throughout the whole day to support your midsection when you are active.

Waist trainer or a workout cincher is made of stronger materials that can be worn during exercise. This kind of belly wrap stimulates perspiration in the midsection and support your lower back while you exercise. Just remember to take the cincher off when you do ab exercises!

Apart from the postpartum girdle, waist trainers are not designed to be worn for an extended period of time, because a long-lasting compression can be potentially harmful to your internal organs.

I wear my waist cincher during my workouts, especially when weight lifting and usually an hour or two in the evening when I lift and carry my son a lot.

Does postpartum belly wrap help with diastasis recti?

I would say YES, but it really depends on the severity of your condition. Generally speaking, a girdle can help to close the gap up to some extent because it helps to hold both of your abdominal halves together.

In other words, it prevents your abs from splitting further when you work out or lift weights (including your baby, lol)

all you need to know about wearing a postpartum girdle

For me, wearing a girdle and a waist trainer, later on, was an important part of the diastasis healing process. After my second birth, belly wrapping combined with regular exercise helped me to get rid of my mommy tummy much faster than the first time around.

Don’t cheap out

There are plenty of different belly wraps available on the market, from ultra-cheap ones to quite expensive.

I am definitely not the one who prefers to go on budget. Believe me. But I strongly recommend you to go for the quality, even for a higher price. I tried a few of girdles, including the cheap ones, and I have to say:

The difference in the comfort of wearing, support and overall quality is uncomparable.

With pricey belly wraps like Belly Bandit or BelleFit you’ll get amazingly form-fitting postpartum girdles with no extra material sticking out that offers good support and safe compression.

Compare this to something cheap you can get on Amazon for 20 bucks. It will be rolling up and sticking out under your clothes, not to mention the comfort of wearing.

When it comes to postpartum girdles, make sure you invest in a good quality one. You will be wearing it all day, so comfort is a MUST. This is the one thing you shouldn’t cheap out on. Because if you do, you might end up buying the more expensive one anyway – like me 🙂

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  1. This is great information, thank you! I had no idea you could wear it right after birth! I’ll definitely have to keep all this in mind for after my next baby 🙂

    1. Hey Rebecca, thank you for your comment! For me, girdle worked amazingly right after birth! Just make sure you check with your doc.

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  2. I am done having children and still wearing a girdle…..lol I do agree to spend a good amount on your girdle and it will take you a long way.

  3. I never wore a griddle but it was because I did not even know they existed! I definitely will get one the next time I get pregnant because I’ve heard amazing things from them! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. I always thought they were bad, but reading this, I’m gonna need one soon! I literally have been wondering what I’m gonna do after baby with all the extra skin and fat for the time being LOL! Love this post and definitely going to look into getting one!

  5. Omg has no idea about this and I’ve had 2 and a 3rd G-d willing soon! My anxiety of how am I gonna get dressed with a flabby belly after birth is not at ease lol! I’m definitely gonna speak to my midwife and look into the girdle!!

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