How To Exercise At Home – 6 Best Home Workout Programs For Women

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The lives of most of us have lately changed dramatically. We have to stay at home. We slowly start to realize that even running errands wasn’t that bad after all.

Honestly, I miss going to the gym. It was my favorite get-away. A place to clear my head. A place without kids. An hour without anybody asking me anything or touching me 🙂 One of a few places for me to get socialized with adults.

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When I realized that my gym is going to be closed for a few months, I panicked. I mean, I used to do home workout programs in the past quite often, but going to the gym was more than getting the workout done. It was an event haha 🙂

But, here we are and I can’t do anything about it, so I might just as well adjust. So if you’re like me and have been searching for the best home workout programs for women, I am sure my list of favorite fitness programs will help you to decide.

1. STRENGHT IN MOTHERS by Deanna Schober

Deanna is truly an inspiration for me as she makes the concept of living healthy while sustaining your regular family life seem absolutely doable.

She is a certified personal trainer and a nutrition coach, as well as a mom of four. Apart from fit pregnancy, she also focuses on new moms by helping them to maximize their health, fitness, nutrition, and body image, acting from a place of self-care. 

Her approach to nutrition is really fresh and I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like this anywhere else. Deanna makes you deal with binge eating and food obsession in a very simple way.

By teaching you to be in an abundance mindset around food. 

“When you have an abundance of something, mentally, you don’t obsess over it. You know you can have more whenever you want it. Once that intensity is alleviated, it’s easier to make decisions about food” 


What that basically means is that you can have one oreo (instead of binging on the whole pack lol) and put the rest away for later because you know it is not going away. 

Fast Fit Moms is a monthly coaching club for busy moms who want to ditch the diet, feel FREE, have energy, and feel better but have very little time. The program consists of short, efficient workouts that can be done under 30 minutes, as well as food guidance and support from the whole mom club.

Apart from paid programs, Deanna offers a lot of valuable freebies. By subscribing to her (very inspirational, btw) e-mail list, you’ll get access to amazing free resources that will pump you up with motivation!

2. FitMum by Sharny&Julius

Sharny is an absolute sweetheart. A mom of 6(!) is living breathing proof that it is possible to get your body back after birth and her “no jargon” program is a simple, short, yet super-effective.

I personally tried her program and it is absolutely amazing and fun!

This home workout program consists of 15-minute, no equipment workouts which can be done at home with kids around. Each training is designed to fit every stage – from early postpartum workouts to moms with older kids.

What’s even better, you’ll get 5 family-friendly, real foods eating options that are easy to make with food you already have at home. There is also a special eating option dedicated to breastfeeding moms and I have to say, it is delicious. And simple – no fancy cooking!

3. Bikini Body Workouts

Losing fat and transforming your body couldn’t be simpler – or faster. And you won’t even have to leave your home.

With the Bikini Body Home Workout Program, you will find yourself leading a new lifestyle. This program doesn’t consist of workout sessions only. It is a complete health and fitness program designed to easily guide you through exercising, fat loss and nutrition.

This easy-to-follow system is suitable for anyone, no matter what fitness level you are at.

It’s not your typical workout program. And it’s not a diet.
It gives you the most effective, comprehensive, and enjoyable transformation you can imagine. Whether you’ve never picked up a weight, or are a long-time fitness fanatic, you get everything you need to start making changes right now.


Bikini Body Workouts gives you a body you’ll be proud to show everyone. And not only in a bikini 🙂

4. 14 Day Perfect Booty Program by Allie Kerr

This home workout program for women does what it says, really. It is targeted to our most troubled area – booty, hips, and tights. This is the No. 1 area women have the most concerns regarding their bodies.

When it comes to our booty, we women usually have 2 problems: Either our butt is too flat or saggy. In other words, out of proportion with the rest of our body. And then there is the other, very common problem that I personally hate the most – the cellulite. Most of us have hips and thighs covered in cellulite.

Saggy Butt Syndrome simply means that the main muscles that make up the glutes (booty), low back (including the erector spinae) and upper thigh muscles are too tight to activate or they are too weak. When this group of muscles is not properly activated and becomes weak the muscles in the butt and thighs become dysfunctional.


14 Day Perfect Booty Program teaches you how to turn back the clock 10 – 15 years or more by re-shaping your butt and thighs. You will get rid of the dreaded butt crease and improve your posture in the comfort of your home.

No need to buy any equipment, join a gym, or hire a personal trainer!

5. Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray-Cotton

Yoga Burn is a collection of home workout programs for women designed and created by Zoe Bray-Cotton. She has leveraged her 10 years of personal training and Yoga teaching experience in designing all of her health and fitness products.

Yoga Burn workouts are targeted especially to women who are interested in the health, happiness, and body shaping benefits that strategically sound yoga-fitness programs can deliver.

All these workouts are home-friendly. You won’t need any exercise equipment or gym membership. Just a yoga mat and living room will do 🙂

The secret to the success of the Yoga Burn Program lies in what’s referred to as Dynamic Sequencing.

Dynamic Sequencing teaches you how to properly perform each movement and then continues to adapt and increase the challenge at the precise moment your body starts to get used to the routine. This forces your body to change and adapt, which in turn, helps to build a shapely, feminine body that not only looks better, but feels better too!


Each video is 45 minutes long and can be done anytime, anywhere. For the best results, you should complete three 45 minute lessons a week, with the option to complete a bonus video lesson.

6. BeyondFit Mom by Kate Horney

Kate is a fitness professional and specializes in female fitness. She uses proven techniques to offer coaching services to women both online and locally.

Apart from monthly club membership, she offers targeted programs to tackle most common postpartum problems:

MOM TUMMY REHAB – a 12-week program designed for moms in any stage to get rid of their belly pooch and rebuild your abdominal muscles. You will get tons of bonuses like workout printables, access to a private accountability group. 

POSTPARTUM FAT-LOSS SYSTEM –  this is a REAL program for REAL moms. No fad diets, no calorie counting. You will learn how to manage your hunger and burn fat by actually eating MORE. Sounds amazing, right? 

A 12-week program that will give results you can see and feel. Kate will show you that you CAN burn fat and get your body back –in less than 3 hours per week.

If you are not sure where to start, there are tons of free resources for you to try out. For instance, Kate offers a FitMom7-day JumpStart start plan to kickstart your new lifestyle habits that get you results!

Now is the perfect time to start

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about starting a home workout program lately but you just didn’t even have time to look into it yet. Crazy daily routine and running errands sometimes leave us so drained that exercising is the first thing we tend to let go of our to-do list.

But since everybody is home due to quarantine, NOW is the perfect time to start! Some of these programs require only 15-20 minutes a day – you’ll manage to squeeze that in most of your days easily.

Got any questions or thoughts about these programs? I would love to read them in the comments!

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  1. Gonna try to work one of these into my day. Now that we are all home so much more, we need an at home gym!

    1. You are right, Jessica, we all need to adjust! It is sometimes hard to find a motivation to workout at home with kids behind your back all the time, but it is not impossible!

      take care,

  2. The way this works is that you get your heart rate up through quick bursts of high-intensity exercises with minimal breaks in between. It kicks starts your metabolism throughout the day so you’re best to do this in the morning to get the full benefit.

  3. Good list Eva. I would like to get your opinion on the Jill Fitness program. Have you heard of it? I’m in two minds of whether to go with it or go with something else.

  4. You can do yoga at home and watch some tutorial videos online or hire a good instructor to teach you the basics to do it on your own.

  5. Love this article about the home gym. Due to lock down, every gym lover is frustrated and this article is the best for me to start home gym. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. Throughout adulthood is one of the most important times to maintain an exercise regimen. This is the ideal time to maintain your weight, build strong bones and prevent many chronic health problems like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

  7. This is really best home workout guide for beginners and women. Really love this great reading. I really wanted to know the right exercise for women, and this article helps me a lot to understand. Thank you for sharing it.

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